Top Ten List for the Evolving Role of In-House Legal and Compliance Officers

The upcoming year promises to bring new operational challenges to our evolving legal and compliance profession.  Based on reader interest from The Datakos Blawg, which had over 20,000 visitors in 2007, and the collective feedback of chief legal officers who participated in Lexakos surveys this year, here is a top ten list of areas of greatest interest or concern:

1.  Legal and compliance risk assessments
2.  Measuring Effectiveness of compliance and ethics program
3.  Proposed new Federal Rule of Evidence 502 (effective December 2008)
4.  Alternate and more cost effective methods for document review
5.  Litigation and matter management systems, and convergence programs
6.  Records and information management program development
7.  Developing data maps and efficient strategies for FRCP compliance
8.  Auditing and monitoring compliance programs (with records management topping the list)
9.  Education and training programs for employees, line managers, executives and boards
10.  E-discovery task force initiatives, including vendor management



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